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As a leader in the cultural arts profession, Debbie Allen has helped many at-risk youth to think and act upon their goals, and educational, college and career choices. She uses their interest in performing arts and their dreams of future stardom to create and facilitate positive motivation in the lives of at-risk and disadvantaged youth.

One of the goals for this production, as well as the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, is to uplift, improve, ignite and strengthen the community we serve. We are doing our part by strengthening the youth’s creative expression and social independence through improved self-esteem, igniting their motivation, uplifting their spirits and giving them the opportunity to participate in this remount.

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Casting calls will be held in each city and will give the local youth the chance to compete for the principal roles of the 12 brothers and 12 sisters. In addition, we will cast about 20 to 40 local kids for the production.