We Need Your Support

Our commitment is to community empowerment, and Brothers of the Knight provides a much-needed opportunity to more than 100 talented, at-risk youth by offering opportunities for local youth to showcase their skills and perform with a professional cast. This “education through entertainment” method is our team’s way of reaching the hearts and attention of more than 5 million people, from 8 to 65 years of age, in cities that have been plagued by a number of social ills and economic disadvantages.

In line with your company’s commitment to making a positive difference in the community, we request your support by committing to one of our corporate packages. Sponsorship benefits include:

  • Social media exposure to over 5 million brand impressions
  • Media outlet
  • Impacting lives and touching communities
  • Box office appeal of more than 100,000
  • Expected impact on youth in the toured cities
  • Exposure to many influencers, powerhouse celebrities and other VIPs
  • Dedicated marketing firm to cater to your company’s brand needs

Join us in our mission to help uplift, improve, restore and ignite the flames of creative expression in our community’s youths. 

This production has captured the hearts and stimulated the imagination of every parent and child in its original 100 performances and will continue to do so with its featured stops in Los Angeles, Charlotte, Boston, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia.